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Think of us as a modern day Madman. Marketing agency for NOW

social media marketing - photography - videography - website build - design - business strategy - and more!



We help old + new brands develop a strong brand image through developing a consistent brand. This service includes selecting fonts, color scheme, layout, theme, and other branding elements. 


We help build + design a website, branding elements, product designs, and digital content. Strong design that has consistency and storytelling always wins. 

Digital Marketing

We offer digital marketing and advertising through different social media platforms. We use targeted ads to reach hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of a few days to get your brand in front of the 'right' people, and as many people as possible. Getting the ads in front of many hands is important, but what's more important is to get the ads to the right people who will engage with them which leads to immediate ROI, organic growth, and engagement. 


Without the perfect strategy, there is no consistency in branding, communication, or growth. We go through in-depth brand learning, so that we can develop a perfect short term + long term strategy. We specialize in creative and unconventional marketing strategies to get the best ROI. 


Every brand wants to have an influence. We utilize different social media platforms for the brand to have an influence in their immediate community, market, or on a mass scale. Influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing markets on every social media platform. The biggest brands in the world are using social media influencers to communicate their brand. 

Content Creation

We have a network of talented creators ready to create content for our clients. Whether you are in our area or in a different state, we can find creatives with the necessary skills to create powerful digital content such as photo, video, audio, and digital art. 

Social Media Management

We offer our clients full time social media management. Consistency in posting high quality content, engaging with followers, connecting with influencers, and updating all platforms regularly is key to brand growth. We have a team of people who are proficient in all social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Youtube, Vimeo, Musicly, Yelp, Google Business, and other platforms). 

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Why Choose Us?

Brands choose us over other marketing agencies because our skin is in the game with you.

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Still not convinced?

THE ICE KITCHEN brand is our real life example. 

You can't deny the power of a real life example. The Ice Kitchen is a brand that Daniel has built from scratch. We know what works in terms of marketing, because we are currently spending our own money doing it. We wouldn't be offering marketing services to our clients if we didn't know what we were doing. Frankly, The Ice Kitchen Media has been our plan from the beginning, but we started offering our services when other brands and business owners asked us to help their brand become more impactful like ours. 




Did you know our website was featured on one of the largest website building platform, blog article?
We build most of our clients' website using this platform that you are on! Check out the Blog article by Squarespace team! 

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We create original
content for your brand


Two Birds Taphouse - Marietta, GA // Content Creation and Social Media Management  


Radio Roasters - Decatur, GA // Content Creation and Collaborative Social Media Management


Revive Home Designs - Georgia // Website Design and Brand Development


Kuroshio Sushi - Kennesaw, GA // Content Creation, Social Media Management, Website Design, and Facebook & Instagram ADs.


Boru Ramen and Poke Bar - Marietta, GA // Website Design, Social Media Management, and Facebook & Instagram ADs


Greater Church - Kennesaw, GA // Easter + New Location Promo Video for Facebook/Instagram paid AD


Holy Fudge ATL - Dallas, GA // Website Design, Branding, Business Strategy, Social Media Management, and Content Creation


Double D. Farms - Dallas, GA // Website Design, Business Strategy, and Content Creation.


Every marketing agency have told you, “we’ll do this and that blah blah blah” Let us show you some metrics of our previous campaigns for our advertising and our clients. For confidentiality purposes we may not be able to show you all the information, but if you have particular question about what we could offer you, we’ll be happy to walk you through!



This 7-day campaign was launched to celebrate new menu offering. We targeted both men and women in the 10 mile radius of the store and optimized for the reach and link clicks. Campaign budget was $100 and we delivered a outstanding result under budget of $67 dollars.


This is what the typical google Adwords will look like. We will select a category and google will generate keywords that best fits with your business and make your business as visible as possible on google search.



This campaign was launched to maximize exposure for the business Facebook page. We were able to keep the budget under $500 and reached over 15,000 people in the 10 mile radius of the business and obtained 290 new customers to the Facebook page.

Check us out!

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